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hpslash_icons's Journal

Harry Potter Slash Icons
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
For Harry Potter icons featuring male/male or female/female pairings only.

This community is for the posting and sharing of Harry Potter slash icons. This includes icons or the male/male or female/female variety, as well as icons with a generally 'slashy' feel. If you're looking for shipper icons of the male/female kind, look into hp_icons.

Icon-makers make the rules for the use of their icons.

The use of LJ-cut is advised if you're posting a batch of more than ten (10) icons. You can learn how to do that here.

Any medium and any source (movies, fanart, doujinshi, games) is accepted, as long as they have to do with Harry Potter.

You are free to make icon requests, and other community members are free to ignore them.

All icons that you post must be made by you, or you must have the icon-maker's permission for posting them.

While off-topic discussion posts are not discouraged, try to have at least one icon in every post.

Come, and share the slashy goodness!

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